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Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard

Certified OEM-Integrator

Best-in-Class Workstation and Portable Computing

Rely on HP as a trusted workstation partner with over six decades of OEM experience, to provide the computing power for your mission-critical solution. Backed by a team of OEM specialists, and the most comprehensive lineup in the industry, HP understands what it takes to support every vertical segment.



Certified OEM-Integrator

Best-in-Class Workstation and Portable Computing

With a proven record of systems innovation, Lenovo offers industry-leading workstation and notebook technology designed to make your solution perform. With years of experience serving vertical markets, Lenovo understands what’s important to you.

HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise

Certified OEM-Integrator

Best-in-Class Server, Storage & Networking

Built on the technology and market leadership of HPE ProLiant, the HPE OEM Family of servers go further with more options, service, and support enhancements tailored to meet exact workflow needs.



Certified OEM-Integrator

Best-in-Class Technology Products

Dell Global OEM Solutions has been working with companies around the world, in over 40 industry verticals, to help them go to market more efficiently by building Dell’s hardware, software and services into reliable solutions.

Avid Technology

Avid Logo

Best Practices

Integration & Testing performed by certified engineers

Our team has over 25 years of experience engineering, selling and supporting rock solid Avid workflows. Our trusted partnership with Avid Technology ensures that your buying experience with us is well supported by Avid representatives across all phases of acquisition, deployment and post-sales support.

In addition to a one-stop-shop buying experiences, our sales representatives and engineers can assist in recommending and sizing the appropriate products to support customer requirements quickly and accurately. This is a big time saver for you and your team by reducing the time associated with researching the latest quualified products and configurations.

So whether your customers require a Avid qualified workstation or a complete workflow solution, we have talented individuals to assist you and your customer make the right buying decision.

Certified Configurations

Built to Avid Certified Configuration Specifications

Engineered to deliver the best possible out-of-box experience for customers counting on quick deployment and return on investment.

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Certified OEM Integrator | Hewlett Packard
Certified OEM Integrator | HP Enterprise
Certified OEM Integrator | Dell
Certified OEM Integrator | Lenovo
Certified OEM Integrator | Huawei

Certified Systems Integrator | Avid

Certified Distributor | Avid
Certified Distributor | SNS